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10th-Sep-2012 10:37 am - firefly radio ver. [S.O.L]
fujikibump, BUMP OF CHICKEN
All credits to soon

12th-Aug-2012 12:53 am - SINGLE COVER「firefly」
fujikibump, BUMP OF CHICKEN
The cover of new single 「firefly」has been revealed

10th-Jul-2012 11:02 am - BUMP OF CHICKEN 「firefly」preview
fujikibump, BUMP OF CHICKEN

is a really beautiful song!! 本当に美しい曲です!!!でしょう?*-*

9th-Jul-2012 05:58 pm - FIREFLY
Bump of Chicken new Single out on 12 September 2012.

BUMP OF CHICKEN’s new song, “firefly“, has been chosen as the theme song for Fuji TV’s upcoming drama series, ‘Iki mo Dekinai Natsu‘.

The drama’s producers asked BUMP OF CHICKEN to provide the theme song because, “The worldview of BUMP OF CHICKEN’s songs were required as the theme song for the story that unfolds between the protagonist, whose birth wasn’t recorded in the family register and the people who surround her.”

After receiving the offer, the band came up with the song “firefly”. Because the songs’ message and sounds linked together with the drama, it was chosen as the theme song. This is BUMP OF CHICKEN’s first time providing a new song as the theme of a drama.

The script for ‘Iki mo Dekinai Natsu’ is written by Watanabe Chiho, who made her drama debut as the second writer for ‘Tentai Kansoku‘ back in 2002. It was created with the worldview of BUMP OF CHICKEN’s song “Tentai Kansoku‘, and the bands’ songs were used throughout the drama.

“firefly” will be released as BUMP OF CHICKEN’s 23rd single on September 12th. Prior to this, it will be released in Chaku-Uta form on Recochoku starting July 11th.

‘Iki mo Dekinai Natsu’ is a love story that revolves around a girl, whose parents never recorded her birth in their family register (played by Takei Emi) and a man living in atonement (Eguchi Yosuke). It also stars Kimura Yoshino, Nakamura Aoi, Kaname Jun, Asada Miyoko, and Kitaouji Kinya.

News from: http://www.tokyohive.com/2012/07/bump-of-chicken-to-provide-theme-song-for-takei-emis-drama-iki-mo-dekinai-natsu/
28th-May-2012 02:17 pm - quick question!
stock: コーヒー
does bump of chicken have an official fanclub website i can subscribe to?
yume-oi neko
So, here's my latest BUMP translation. I know it's super late, since the release date of Good Luck was around January. Anyways, like usual, I hope everyone will respect the etiquette of republishing these materials somewhere else someday. PLEASE CREDIT ME PROPERLY.

Personal note(s) about the lyrics, by the way, is that I think the song mainly tells about a boy who got taken aback by his favorite song he listened to one night. I guess the "doko ni datte ikeru, bokura wa koko ni ita mama de... etc." and "nani mo shiranai n da tabun, zenzen tarinai n da mada" lines were the lyrics of the song. And then maybe he fell asleep and had a weird dream. (-_-') I'm not sure, because the sentimental voice inside my head keeps telling me that the boy hadn't been growing up thing is only a metaphor to represent the singer's feeling of never growing up inside... That he felt as the very same boy as he used to be in the past (okay, this one is a bit personally biased xD). I don't know, really... orz
That's why I need your comments. This community is dying, I know, but I'm still expecting critical opinions about my translation, お願い申し上げます。
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EDITED the word in pink. It's something trivial, I know, but I can't help being a "slight" perfectionist...
EDITED THE EDITED... In orange. ;)

20th-Mar-2012 10:17 pm - STITCH x BUMP OF CHICKEN
I just browsing for bump's good glider tour goods and i found this among the item list.

Why is Stitch cosplaying Bump?
It's quite adorable, tho...
yume-oi neko
Another amateur attempt of translating BUMP's song, comments are welcome and credits should go to ME (heheh).
I'm pretty confused with the context of the speaker here and there, but I always got the impression that Fuji-kun is giving last messages while bidding a farewell to someone.
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EDITED the lines in pink to give more fluency to the flow of the translation (uh, maybe?). I also changed some you's to I's, because somehow I think Fuji-kun is reflecting to himself while convincing the one he is bidding farewell to, that both of them will do just fine on their separate ways from then on. Dunno. Any second opinion(s)?
EDITED THE EDITED... They're in purple this time. ^^;
(even) EDITED THE PREVIOUS EDITING. You know in what color.
18th-Jan-2012 10:01 pm - GOOD LUCK [PV]
fujikibump, BUMP OF CHICKEN

14th-Jan-2012 06:03 pm - new song (SCHOOL OF LOCK 2012.01.11)
fujikibump, BUMP OF CHICKEN
BUMP OF CHICKEN new song GOOD LUCK 「グッドラック」O.A. 
radio SCHOOL OF LOCK! 2012.01.11

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