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Bump of Chicken - White Note 
3rd-Jul-2014 02:41 pm
stock: コーヒー
White Note

作詞:Motoo Fujiwara
作曲:Motoo Fujiwara
English Translations by hontonohonto @ tumblr, kazeyumi @ lj

色々書いたノート   真っ黒で真っ白
デジタル時計が   チクタク鳴ってる
大声で叫びたい   叫びたい事が解んない
へろへろ   疲労だけが確かなもの
Writing all sorts of notes   Completely black and completely white
My digital watch keeps going ticktock
I want to shout as loudly as I can   But I don't know what to shout out
Completely exhausted   Only my fatigue is what's for certain

ラララ   それ以外   特にない
Lalala   Nothing else in particular

色々書いたノート   自分でも意味不明
良いとか悪いとかの前に   まず意味不明
大声で叫びたい   叫んでも変わんない
カモンカモン   重い思いだけはあるのに
Writing all sorts of notes   I don't understand them myself
Whether it's something good or bad   I just don't understand them
I want to shout as loud as I can   But shouting won't change a thing
Come on, Come on   There is nothing but heavy feelings

ラララ   思いだけはあるのに
Lalala   I only have these feelings

ラララ   だけなら楽しいのに
Lalala   If only it's all I had

何も言わないで   言えないままで
目の前に向けて   その前に僕に向けて
Without saying anything   Without having said anything
My heart continues to talk
Look at what's in front of you   But before that, look at me
Never giving up

色々書いたノート   閉じたって開いてる
デジタル時計が   チクタクやかましい
大声で叫びたい   誰かに聴いてもらいたい
いつでも   それだけが確かなもの
Writing all sorts of notes They're closed yet still open
My digital clock's ticktocking is getting on my nerves
I want to shout out as loudly as I can I want someone to hear me
Only that is always for certain

ラララ   これ以外   僕にない
ラララ   それ以外   特にない
Lalala   This is all I have
Lalala   Nothing else in particular

ラララ   何も言わないで 言えないままで
Lalala   Without saying anything   Without having said anything

It was super fun when they performed this in their concert. They had a huge DDR-like projection on the big screen, but instead of arrows, it had “clap”, “clap clap”, “stomp”, and “Lalala”, so the audience could dance with them as they performed.
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