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Bump of Chicken - (please) forgive 
25th-Mar-2014 11:49 am
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English Translations by hontonohonto @ tumblr, kazeyumi @ lj

あなたを乗せた飛行機が   あなたの行きたい場所まで
どうかあまり揺れないで   無事に着きますように
On that plane you're on   Up to that place you want to be
Please don't let it be too turbulent a flight   Please arrive safely

最近は別に元気じゃない   それが平常で不満もない
生活に変化は求めない   現実とマンガは重ねない
I haven't been particularly happy recently   But that's normal everyday and I'm not complaining
I'm not hoping for a change in my lifestyle   Real life and manga are two different things

いつまで続けるの   終わりがあるものなの
How long will I be able to continue   Is is something that has an end?
My head is always busy

心はずっと   もうずっと
絶え間無く叫んで   私を叫んで
たとえ耳を塞いでも   聴こえてしまうんだ
ただ怖いだけなんだ   不自由じゃなくなるのが
守られていた事を   思い知らされるのが
My heart is always   Has always been
Constantly yelling   Yelling to me
Even if I close my ears   I can still hear it
I'm just scared   That it won't be difficult anymore
Of realizing what   I have been protecting

自分で選んできたのに 選ばされたと思いたい
一歩も動いちゃいないのに ここがどこかさえ怪しい
Even though I had chosen it   I want to believe I was forced to choose
I haven't moved an inch   Yet where I am now is already a complete mystery

あなたを乗せた飛行機が   私の行けない場所まで
せめて空は泣かないで   優しく晴れますように
On that plane you're on   To the place I can't get to
At the very least, I hope the sky won't cry   Please have gentle, clear skies

どこまでごまかすの   誰に許されたいの
To what extent are you pretending   Are you waiting for forgiveness
Your head is definitely lying to you

心はきっと   もっとずっと
遠くを見ていて   近くに見ていて
閉じた瞼の裏側に   映してしまうんだ
まだ憧れちゃうんだ   自由と戦う日々を
性懲りもなく何度も   描いてしまうんだ
My heart is always   Has always been
Looking at a far distance   From a near place
Beneath shut eyelids   I can still see it
I end up longing for it again   My days of fighting for freedom
Incorrigibly, over and over again   I still make a picture of it

求めない   重ねない   望まない   筈がない
生きているから   生きているなら
I won't wish for it   I won't associate with it   I won't hope for it   I won't expect anything
Because I'm alive   If I'm alive

残酷な程自由だ   逃げようのない事実なんだ
震える手でその足で   全てを決めるんだ
絶え間無く叫んで   あなたを見ていて
それを続けた心で   あなたは選んだんだ
I'm so free it's cruel   It's a reality I can't run away from
With those trembling hands and feet   You have to decide everything
Constantly yelling   Watching you
Having a heart that is able to go on   Was a choice you made

あなたを乗せた飛行機が   私の行きたい場所まで
あなたを乗せた飛行機が   私の行きたい場所まで
On that plane you're on   To that place I want to go
On that plane you're on   To that place I want to go

It’s kind of scary how much I needed (to hear) this song. It’s not as easy and as “cliche” for people to start making decisions for themselves to make their dreams come true. It’s just so much easier to make life decide for them.

PS: If you have other translations/interpretaions for any translations that I make, please feel free to share your thoughts!
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