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17th-Mar-2014 04:31 pm
stock: コーヒー

作詞:Motoo Fujiwara
作曲:Motoo Fujiwara

約束が欲しかったんだ   希望の約束が
そのためなら   全てを賭けられる様な
All I wanted was a promise   A promise of hope
For that, I feel I could give anything

それがある誰かさんは   ぎりぎりで大変なんだって
それがないからといって   そんな風に見ないで
I heard that certain someone who had it    is just barely getting by
Please don't look at it that way   Just because you don't have it

一日中何してたんだっけ   イライラしたのは何故だっけ
受け入れたような顔をして   欲張っているんだろうな きっと
What have I been doing the entire day?   Why have I been so annoyed?
Looking as if I've accepted it   I guess I was just jealous Definitely

きっと   何度でもなんて無理なんだ   変われるのは一度だけ
鏡の中の人に   好きになってもらえるように
笑ってもらえなくてもいい   笑えるようになれたらいい
嫌いな自分と一緒に   世界まで嫌わないように
I definitely can't change as many times as I want   I can only do it once
So that the person in that mirror   will learn to love me
even if s/he won't smile for me   if only s/he could learn to smile for me
So I won't end up hating   the world along with myself

どうでもいいという言葉   どうにも主張しがち
傷付けたいのかもしれない   仲間探しかもしれない
I tend to emphasize   the words "I don't care"
Perhaps I just wanted to hurt people   Perhaps I was just looking for friends

何もない誰かさんが   何かを見つけたんだって
くだらないって誤魔化した   その時間がくだらない
I heard a certain someone who didn't have anything   Found a certain something
I shoved it off as worthless   That time you spent was all for nothing

動こうとしない理由並べて   誰に伝えたらどうなるの
周りと比べてどうのじゃない   解っているんだ そんな事は
Making a list of reasons why I refused to move   What would happen if I told someone
It's not about comparing with other people   I already know that

どれだけ傷付いたって   誰にも関係ない事
鏡の中の人とだけ   二人で持っていける
何でちゃんとお腹が減るの   何のために息は続くの
明日もきっと生きているよ   誰にも関係ないままで
No matter how much I get hurt   It's no one else's business
Other than that person in the mirror   It's something both of us will carry
Why do I get hungry?   For what reason am I alive for?
I will surely be here again tomorrow   while not being other people's business

約束が欲しかったんだ   希望の約束が
それがないという事に   甘えていただけ
I just wanted a promise   A promise of hope
I was just being spoiled   for not having that

大声で泣き出したいよ   慣れてなくてうまく出来ないよ
嫌いな世界と一緒に   自分まで嫌わないように
何度でもなんて無理なんだ   変われるのは一度だけ
鏡の中の人と   交わした希望の約束
I want to cry as loud as I can   But I'm not used to it, I can't do it properly
So that I won't hate myself   along with the world
I can't change as many times as I want   I can only do it once
Exchanging promises of hope   with the person in the mirror

変わらないままの人と   鏡の前で向き合えるように
So the person who hasn't changed   can face what's in the mirror in front of him/her

そう変わるんだ   一度だけ変わるんだ
That's how I'm going to change Changing just once
That's how I'm going to change

Beautiful song! <3
17th-Mar-2014 06:04 pm (UTC)
I used to be on here like...6 years ago but I still checked around here every once in a while for activity. But I had to make another account just so I could say thank you and I hope you translate the rest of the album :)

22nd-Mar-2014 01:38 pm (UTC)
Thank youu! I'm working on the other songs, but I'm having a hard time wording them so it's taking a while. :( i feel i have to make my words pretty else i'm not doing bump of chicken justice. :/
19th-Mar-2014 05:03 pm (UTC)
Another strong lyrics from Bump. Love it so much. Thank you for translating it.
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