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Bump of Chicken - Ray, Lyrics + English Translation + PV + PV feat. Miku 
13th-Mar-2014 12:22 pm
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English Translations by hontonohonto @ tumblr, kazeyumi @ lj

お別れしたのはもっと   前の事だったような
悲しい光は封じ込めて   踵すり減らしたんだ
It seems like a long time ago   when we parted with each other
Shutting the sorrowful light in   until it eventually died down

君といた時は見えた   今は見えなくなった
透明な彗星をぼんやりと   でもそれだけ探している
I've seen it during times we were together   now I can't seem to anymore
Vaguely, that invisible comet   but i'm looking for it now more than ever

しょっちゅう唄を歌ったよ   その時だけのメロディーを
寂しくなんかなかったよ   ちゃんと寂しくなれたから
I frequently sang songs   singing only melodies of back then
I didn't feel lonely at all   because I'm already used to loneliness

いつまでどこまでなんて   正常か異常かなんて
考える暇も無い程   歩くのは大変だ
楽しい方がずっといいよ   ごまかして笑っていくよ
大丈夫だ あの痛みは   忘れたって消えやしない
Any time and any where   what is normal and what is strange
I'm too busy to think about it   that even walking has become too troublesome
It's so much better just to have fun   Just play along and smile
Don't worry   That pain won't go away even if you forget

理想で作った道を   現実が塗り替えていくよ
思い出はその軌跡の上で   輝きになって残っている
A road made by ideals   will be repainted by reality
But the memories that were built on those tracks   will remain radiant

お別れしたのは何で   何のためだったんだろうな
悲しい光が僕の影を   前に長く伸ばしている
Why did we have to part?   For what reason was it again?
The sorrowful light stretched my shadow longer than it was before

時々熱が出るよ   時間がある時眠るよ
夢だと解るその中で   君と会ってからまた行こう
Sometimes I can get sick   If i have time I shut my eyes
While knowings it's a dream   let's go again once we meet

晴天とはほど遠い   終わらない暗闇にも
星を思い浮かべたなら   すぐ銀河の中だ
あまり泣かなくなっても   靴を新しくしても
大丈夫だ あの痛みは   忘れたって消えやしない
Seems like fine weather won't be for a long time   but even under unending darkness
If you think of stars   you'll be in the galaxy in no time
You don't need to cry   even if you start anew
Don't worry   that pain won't disappear even if you forget

伝えたかった事が   きっとあったんだろうな
恐らくありきたりなんだろうけど   こんなにも
I'm sure I had something I wanted to convey
I'm sure it's something ordinary   so ordinary

お別れした事は   出会った事と繋がっている
あの透明な彗星は   透明だから無くならない
Our parting was connected to when we first met
That invisible comet   can't disappear because it's invisible

◯×△どれかなんて   皆と比べてどうかなんて
確かめる間も無い程   生きるのは最高だ
あまり泣かなくなっても   ごまかして笑っていくよ
大丈夫だ あの痛みは   忘れたって消えやしない
Choosing between ◯×△   comparing all three of them
I don't have time to make sure   that's how much being alive rocks
You don't have to cry that much   Just play along and smile
Don't worry   That pain won't go away even if you forget

大丈夫だ   この光の始まりには   君がいる
Don't worry   In the beginning of that light   You are there

Rough translation. I feel like I'm not conveying properly what the song is trying to say. :(
As I'm not a native Japanese speaker, if you find something off, feel free to tell me!
14th-Mar-2014 05:35 pm (UTC)
Love this translation. Have you listened to the new album yet? It's a very nice album.
15th-Mar-2014 05:15 pm (UTC)
yes! i am in love with all of their songs, i'm tempted to make a translation for all! ; u ;
16th-Mar-2014 02:37 am (UTC)
Thank you! Gonna look forward for the translations :)
2nd-Oct-2015 02:58 pm (UTC)
thank you very much ^^
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