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「ほんとのほんと」awkward translation :P (EDIT: 2012/12/17) 
16th-Sep-2012 11:46 pm
yume-oi neko

As always, feel free to point out any mistake you find or just tell me if you have different points of view in interpreting the lyrics. ;) And again as always, please credit ME properly if you happen to repost this crappy translation of mine somewhere someday (direct linking "dreamchasingcat" to this BUMPCHIKI page is okay).

[honto no honto]
| "The True Truth"


尖った言葉がいくつか 壁にぶつかって 転がって冷えた
ざわついたまま 静かになって 時間だけがすり抜けた
togatta kotoba ga ikutsuka   kabe ni butsukatte   korogatte hieta
zawatsuita mama   shizuka ni natte   jikan dake ga surinuketa
| the sharp words some bumped into the wall, scattered about and grew cold
| with all the noises it turned quiet, only hours that slipped through quickly

誰かが誰か傷つけて だからどちらも 傷ついて
お揃いの気持ちで 離れながら お揃いの気持ちで側にいた
dareka ga dareka kizutsukete   dakara dochira mo   kizutsuite
osoroi no kimochi de   hanarenagara   osoroi no kimochi de soba ni ita
| somebody was hurting somebody, so then either were hurt
| with similar feelings as they separated, with similar feelings when they were next to each other

声が聞きたくて なかなか声が出せなくて
心は何度も 呼んでいるのに
koe ga kikitakute   nakanaka koe ga dasenakute
kokoro wa nando mo   yondeiru no ni
| wanting to hear the voice, unable to let out a voice at all
| no matter how many times our hearts calling out

怖くて痛くて惨めでも大事で 隠して鍵かけて 忘れたふりして
守ってきた ほんとのほんとが 二人分でずっと 呼び合っているのに
kowakute itakute mijime demo daiji de   kakushite kagi kakete   wasureta furishite
mamottekita   honto no honto ga   futaribun de zutto   yobiatteiru no ni
| we carefully hide and lock scary, painful, even miserable things - we pretend we forgot them
| we've come keeping the true truth, although both of us have been calling at each other all throughout

大人の顔をしてから 生き方がちょっと 雑になった
普通の事だし 普通が大変で 時間に大体運ばれた
otona no kao o shite kara   ikikata ga chotto   zatsu ni natta
futsuu no koto da shi   futsuu ga taihen de   jikan ni daitai hakobareta
| because I acted as if I was an adult, the way I live became a little rough
| it was normal, normal but gravely carried through the hours for the most part

尖った言葉が的確に 胸を貫いて 転がって冷えた
何も出来ないよ 震えながら 押さえつけていくのだろう
togatta kotoba ga tekikaku ni   mune o tsuranuite   korogatte hieta
nani mo dekinai yo   furuenagara   osaetsuketeiku no darou
| the sharp words pierced my heart precisely, scattered about and grew cold
| I can't do anything, I guess I'll keep holding them down as I tremble

側にいる意味を考えて なかなか辿り着けなくて
体はとっくに 解っているのに
soba ni iru imi o kangaete   nakanaka tadoritsukenakute
karada wa tokku ni   wakatteiru no ni
| considering the meaning of being at your side, I can't barely manage to hit an idea
| even though my body already realized it a long time ago

生まれた時くらいの裸の声で 動物のままで 育たない声で
鏡みたいに 同時に触って
umareta toki kurai no hadaka no koe de   doubutsu no mama de   sodattanai koe de
kagami mitai ni   douji ni sawatte
| with the naked voice of the time around our birth, with the uncared-for voice as one of an animal's
| touching each other simultaneously like reflections

今が終われば今までに戻って それでもいいよ 今の続きなら
守っていく ほんとのほんとが 一度でもちゃんと 抱き合えた
ima ga owareba ima made ni modotte   sore demo ii yo   ima no tsudzuki nara
mamotteiku   honto no honto ga   ichido demo chanto   dakiaeta
| if the present ends, return to this present - it's okay nevertheless, if it's the continuation of the present
| I'll keep away the true truth, at least we could decently embrace each other for once

分けられない ほんとのほんとが 二人分でずっと
wakerarenai   honto no honto ga   futaribun de zutto
| both of us are unable to share the true truth all throughout

My personal note about the song: heart-wrenching! T^T What exactly happened to you, my preciousss Fuji-kun? >.< :hugs:

EDIT: 2012/12/17

17th-Sep-2012 01:13 pm (UTC)
どうもありがとうございました!My dear nee-san!
17th-Sep-2012 01:44 pm (UTC)
どういたしまして、Paty-chan. :))
21st-Oct-2012 06:39 am (UTC)
i think for the last line " the strong truth is two of us are inseparable, and will be this way forever (but why are we like this now? <--is the implicit tone of the song)"
22nd-Oct-2012 04:38 pm (UTC)
Hmm... Yeah, maybe. I don't know... LOL
13th-Dec-2012 04:46 pm (UTC)
you're doing a great job, love this translation :)
26th-Jul-2013 09:57 am (UTC)
hiii. i made a different version here: http://kazeyumi.livejournal.com/154637.html, my interpretation is quite different, so in my translation, the song ended pretty well. haha do check it out and feel free to correct me if you think I translated anything wrong!
31st-Aug-2013 01:12 am (UTC)
Uwaaah... I haven't checked this LJ community the longest time I didn't know about your comment. Thank you for the feedback. I think your translation is muuuch better than mine. (^^;
2nd-Sep-2013 02:26 am (UTC)
it's no problem! and i don't think it's a difference in translation, i think the difference lies in interpretation haha. but really, as i translated my version, i had yours open to re-check some parts, so thank you still! hehe!
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