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6th-Aug-2014 03:26 pm - Bump of Chicken - You were here
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You were here

English Translations by hontonohonto @ tumblr, kazeyumi @ lj

As the wheels turn, we drift apart
One body drifting apart from another
The two of us, our eardrums still ringing
Went back to spending the night alone

It passed so very quickly
That magical moment passed so very quickly
Without yet having organized my thoughts
I return to my pillow

Having heard your voice
Behind my eyelids is a light of that memory

まだ消えない   消えないよ
でもいつか消えちゃう   消えちゃうよ
It won't disappear   It won't disappear just yet
It's still as bright as it can be
But it will disappear   disappear one day
No matter
How precious it is to me now

My body was shouting so much and yet
My heart was demanding for something else
When I touch that piece of confetti I picked up
It speaks to me like a fossil

伝えたかった事   伝わったのかな
Was I able to convey   Everything I wanted to say
What was it I wanted to say?
Your yesterday and your today
is radiant to me

As encounters happens, so do goodbyes
On the time that extends from then on

また会いたい   会いたいよ
もう会いたい   会いたいよ
I want to see you again   I want to see you
I already miss you   I miss you
You're here and yet you're not
I also want to be
In your yesterday, and your tomorrow

もう消えない   消えないよ
It won't disappear anymore   It won't disappear
I'll walk above the time that extends from then on
I'll overcome everything and come to see you

When I first listened to this song, I thought, “Ah, these are Fuji-kun’s feelings as his tour is ending”, but then I realized later, while listening to the song with tears in my eyes, that it goes both ways. I can’t wait to see them again.
3rd-Jul-2014 02:41 pm - Bump of Chicken - White Note
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White Note

作詞:Motoo Fujiwara
作曲:Motoo Fujiwara
English Translations by hontonohonto @ tumblr, kazeyumi @ lj

色々書いたノート   真っ黒で真っ白
デジタル時計が   チクタク鳴ってる
大声で叫びたい   叫びたい事が解んない
へろへろ   疲労だけが確かなもの
Writing all sorts of notes   Completely black and completely white
My digital watch keeps going ticktock
I want to shout as loudly as I can   But I don't know what to shout out
Completely exhausted   Only my fatigue is what's for certain

ラララ   それ以外   特にない
Lalala   Nothing else in particular

色々書いたノート   自分でも意味不明
良いとか悪いとかの前に   まず意味不明
大声で叫びたい   叫んでも変わんない
カモンカモン   重い思いだけはあるのに
Writing all sorts of notes   I don't understand them myself
Whether it's something good or bad   I just don't understand them
I want to shout as loud as I can   But shouting won't change a thing
Come on, Come on   There is nothing but heavy feelings

ラララ   思いだけはあるのに
Lalala   I only have these feelings

ラララ   だけなら楽しいのに
Lalala   If only it's all I had

何も言わないで   言えないままで
目の前に向けて   その前に僕に向けて
Without saying anything   Without having said anything
My heart continues to talk
Look at what's in front of you   But before that, look at me
Never giving up

色々書いたノート   閉じたって開いてる
デジタル時計が   チクタクやかましい
大声で叫びたい   誰かに聴いてもらいたい
いつでも   それだけが確かなもの
Writing all sorts of notes They're closed yet still open
My digital clock's ticktocking is getting on my nerves
I want to shout out as loudly as I can I want someone to hear me
Only that is always for certain

ラララ   これ以外   僕にない
ラララ   それ以外   特にない
Lalala   This is all I have
Lalala   Nothing else in particular

ラララ   何も言わないで 言えないままで
Lalala   Without saying anything   Without having said anything

It was super fun when they performed this in their concert. They had a huge DDR-like projection on the big screen, but instead of arrows, it had “clap”, “clap clap”, “stomp”, and “Lalala”, so the audience could dance with them as they performed.

If anyone's interested,I will be accepting order for Bump of Chicken's Willpolis Final 2014 (by 27th July 2014).

My other services:
Requests to find limited/out of print CD/DVD/Photobooks/concert goods

My feedback post can be found here

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, thanks!
10th-Apr-2014 04:43 pm - Please help *puppy eyes*
Hi there my little Bump lovers! I've followed this community since the ancient times, but 've never written anything here. I'm a huge fan of the band and I never get tired of searching for translations, pictures and every kind of stuff regarding BOC, but most of all I'm hungry of their music. I've bought every CD and DVD but now I need your help. I fell in love with one of their songs and I can't find it anywhere as mp3. I'm talking of the song you hear in the opening movie of the Gold Glider Tour DVD, the instrumental version of Beautiful Glider. That's too awesome, I'd do anything to have the mp3. I hoped to find it in the RAY album, but Will, the first song, is still another version of it.
If you find the mp3 file of the song on the internet, please let me know! Thank you.
8th-Apr-2014 05:45 pm - Bump of Chicken - morning glow
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morning glow

作詞:Motoo Fujiwara
作曲:Motoo Fujiwara
English Translations by hontonohonto @ tumblr, kazeyumi @ lj

あんなに夢中で追いかけたのが   嘘みたいだけど本当の今
大切にしてきたけど 実はただ   そう思い込んでいただけ
You ran after it so intently but   though it seems like a lie   it's today's reality
You treasured it   but the truth is   you just thought you did

あまりにもはっきり   解ってしまったね
Then you ever so clearly realized
That you didn't need it anymore

まるで自分が自分でいる事を   諦めたような気がする
気がするだけで 何度考えても   複雑なようで単純な答え
It's as if you've given up   on being yourself
but that's just a hunch   no matter how much you think about it   it seems complex but there's a simple answer

古くなった未来を   見つめていたんだよ
沢山手放して   完全に自由だ
Staring at an   outdated future
Even that will turn into the past
We've let things go   We're absolutely free

いくつのさよならと出会っても   初めましてとは別れないよ
あなたが変えようとしたあなたを   きっと覚えているから
Although we've encountered several goodbyes   we'll never part with new "hello"s
You're sure to remember   yourself back when you tried to change

ずっと一緒だと思っていた人とは   ずっと別々だったと知る
仲良しだった そうでもなかった   万感の思いで手を振る
Thinking you've been with someone for a long time   then realizing you've always been apart
Thinking you got along   turns out, that's not true   Wave your hands to that roller coaster of emotions

忘れられたって   忘れなきゃいい
Even if it's forgotten   As long as I don't forget

必要な時には   思い出すんじゃないの
I probably will though but
Wasn't I supposed to remember   in times that I need to the most

どれだけ今から離れても   無くならないから今があるよ
あなたを変えようとしたあなたは   ずっと前から変わらない
No matter how separated you are from today   it will never disappear because right now exists
You, who has tried to change yourself   hasn't changed one bit

迷っていたいだけでした   お別れ言わせて
毎度お馴染みの理由で   また延長
小さな勇気じゃなくて   本当の恐怖   ほら朝が来る
I just wanted to stay lost   Let me say my farewells
Saying it's friendship each time   then prolonging it yet again
What my cowardice self really needed was
wasn't some petty courage   but actual fear   Tomorrow is coming, see?

何のためどころか   何をしているのかさえ   曖昧だったけど
信じないくせに   誰かに言ってもらいたい   無駄なんかないよって
Never mind the reasons   even what I was doing feels unclear
You won't believe them   but you want someone to tell you anyway   That it wasn't all for nothing

どれだけ自分から離れても   当たり前だけど離れないよ
あなたは変わったあなたも   やっぱり嫌になったでしょう
No matter how much you try to stray from yourself   It's pretty obvious that you can't
You probably ended up   hating yourself, who has already changed

いくつのさよならと出会っても   初めましてとは別れないよ
あなたを変えようとしたあなたは   まだ誰にも出会っていない
Although we've encountered several goodbyes   we'll never part with our new "hello"s
You, who has tried to change yourself   hasn't met anyone yet

Hasn't met you yet

25th-Mar-2014 11:49 am - Bump of Chicken - (please) forgive
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English Translations by hontonohonto @ tumblr, kazeyumi @ lj

あなたを乗せた飛行機が   あなたの行きたい場所まで
どうかあまり揺れないで   無事に着きますように
On that plane you're on   Up to that place you want to be
Please don't let it be too turbulent a flight   Please arrive safely

最近は別に元気じゃない   それが平常で不満もない
生活に変化は求めない   現実とマンガは重ねない
I haven't been particularly happy recently   But that's normal everyday and I'm not complaining
I'm not hoping for a change in my lifestyle   Real life and manga are two different things

いつまで続けるの   終わりがあるものなの
How long will I be able to continue   Is is something that has an end?
My head is always busy

心はずっと   もうずっと
絶え間無く叫んで   私を叫んで
たとえ耳を塞いでも   聴こえてしまうんだ
ただ怖いだけなんだ   不自由じゃなくなるのが
守られていた事を   思い知らされるのが
My heart is always   Has always been
Constantly yelling   Yelling to me
Even if I close my ears   I can still hear it
I'm just scared   That it won't be difficult anymore
Of realizing what   I have been protecting

自分で選んできたのに 選ばされたと思いたい
一歩も動いちゃいないのに ここがどこかさえ怪しい
Even though I had chosen it   I want to believe I was forced to choose
I haven't moved an inch   Yet where I am now is already a complete mystery

あなたを乗せた飛行機が   私の行けない場所まで
せめて空は泣かないで   優しく晴れますように
On that plane you're on   To the place I can't get to
At the very least, I hope the sky won't cry   Please have gentle, clear skies

どこまでごまかすの   誰に許されたいの
To what extent are you pretending   Are you waiting for forgiveness
Your head is definitely lying to you

心はきっと   もっとずっと
遠くを見ていて   近くに見ていて
閉じた瞼の裏側に   映してしまうんだ
まだ憧れちゃうんだ   自由と戦う日々を
性懲りもなく何度も   描いてしまうんだ
My heart is always   Has always been
Looking at a far distance   From a near place
Beneath shut eyelids   I can still see it
I end up longing for it again   My days of fighting for freedom
Incorrigibly, over and over again   I still make a picture of it

求めない   重ねない   望まない   筈がない
生きているから   生きているなら
I won't wish for it   I won't associate with it   I won't hope for it   I won't expect anything
Because I'm alive   If I'm alive

残酷な程自由だ   逃げようのない事実なんだ
震える手でその足で   全てを決めるんだ
絶え間無く叫んで   あなたを見ていて
それを続けた心で   あなたは選んだんだ
I'm so free it's cruel   It's a reality I can't run away from
With those trembling hands and feet   You have to decide everything
Constantly yelling   Watching you
Having a heart that is able to go on   Was a choice you made

あなたを乗せた飛行機が   私の行きたい場所まで
あなたを乗せた飛行機が   私の行きたい場所まで
On that plane you're on   To that place I want to go
On that plane you're on   To that place I want to go

It’s kind of scary how much I needed (to hear) this song. It’s not as easy and as “cliche” for people to start making decisions for themselves to make their dreams come true. It’s just so much easier to make life decide for them.

PS: If you have other translations/interpretaions for any translations that I make, please feel free to share your thoughts!
17th-Mar-2014 04:31 pm - BUMP OF CHICKEN - Last one
stock: コーヒー

作詞:Motoo Fujiwara
作曲:Motoo Fujiwara

約束が欲しかったんだ   希望の約束が
そのためなら   全てを賭けられる様な
All I wanted was a promise   A promise of hope
For that, I feel I could give anything

それがある誰かさんは   ぎりぎりで大変なんだって
それがないからといって   そんな風に見ないで
I heard that certain someone who had it    is just barely getting by
Please don't look at it that way   Just because you don't have it

一日中何してたんだっけ   イライラしたのは何故だっけ
受け入れたような顔をして   欲張っているんだろうな きっと
What have I been doing the entire day?   Why have I been so annoyed?
Looking as if I've accepted it   I guess I was just jealous Definitely

きっと   何度でもなんて無理なんだ   変われるのは一度だけ
鏡の中の人に   好きになってもらえるように
笑ってもらえなくてもいい   笑えるようになれたらいい
嫌いな自分と一緒に   世界まで嫌わないように
I definitely can't change as many times as I want   I can only do it once
So that the person in that mirror   will learn to love me
even if s/he won't smile for me   if only s/he could learn to smile for me
So I won't end up hating   the world along with myself

どうでもいいという言葉   どうにも主張しがち
傷付けたいのかもしれない   仲間探しかもしれない
I tend to emphasize   the words "I don't care"
Perhaps I just wanted to hurt people   Perhaps I was just looking for friends

何もない誰かさんが   何かを見つけたんだって
くだらないって誤魔化した   その時間がくだらない
I heard a certain someone who didn't have anything   Found a certain something
I shoved it off as worthless   That time you spent was all for nothing

動こうとしない理由並べて   誰に伝えたらどうなるの
周りと比べてどうのじゃない   解っているんだ そんな事は
Making a list of reasons why I refused to move   What would happen if I told someone
It's not about comparing with other people   I already know that

どれだけ傷付いたって   誰にも関係ない事
鏡の中の人とだけ   二人で持っていける
何でちゃんとお腹が減るの   何のために息は続くの
明日もきっと生きているよ   誰にも関係ないままで
No matter how much I get hurt   It's no one else's business
Other than that person in the mirror   It's something both of us will carry
Why do I get hungry?   For what reason am I alive for?
I will surely be here again tomorrow   while not being other people's business

約束が欲しかったんだ   希望の約束が
それがないという事に   甘えていただけ
I just wanted a promise   A promise of hope
I was just being spoiled   for not having that

大声で泣き出したいよ   慣れてなくてうまく出来ないよ
嫌いな世界と一緒に   自分まで嫌わないように
何度でもなんて無理なんだ   変われるのは一度だけ
鏡の中の人と   交わした希望の約束
I want to cry as loud as I can   But I'm not used to it, I can't do it properly
So that I won't hate myself   along with the world
I can't change as many times as I want   I can only do it once
Exchanging promises of hope   with the person in the mirror

変わらないままの人と   鏡の前で向き合えるように
So the person who hasn't changed   can face what's in the mirror in front of him/her

そう変わるんだ   一度だけ変わるんだ
That's how I'm going to change Changing just once
That's how I'm going to change

Beautiful song! <3
stock: * x *

English Translations by hontonohonto @ tumblr, kazeyumi @ lj

お別れしたのはもっと   前の事だったような
悲しい光は封じ込めて   踵すり減らしたんだ
It seems like a long time ago   when we parted with each other
Shutting the sorrowful light in   until it eventually died down

君といた時は見えた   今は見えなくなった
透明な彗星をぼんやりと   でもそれだけ探している
I've seen it during times we were together   now I can't seem to anymore
Vaguely, that invisible comet   but i'm looking for it now more than ever

しょっちゅう唄を歌ったよ   その時だけのメロディーを
寂しくなんかなかったよ   ちゃんと寂しくなれたから
I frequently sang songs   singing only melodies of back then
I didn't feel lonely at all   because I'm already used to loneliness

いつまでどこまでなんて   正常か異常かなんて
考える暇も無い程   歩くのは大変だ
楽しい方がずっといいよ   ごまかして笑っていくよ
大丈夫だ あの痛みは   忘れたって消えやしない
Any time and any where   what is normal and what is strange
I'm too busy to think about it   that even walking has become too troublesome
It's so much better just to have fun   Just play along and smile
Don't worry   That pain won't go away even if you forget

理想で作った道を   現実が塗り替えていくよ
思い出はその軌跡の上で   輝きになって残っている
A road made by ideals   will be repainted by reality
But the memories that were built on those tracks   will remain radiant

お別れしたのは何で   何のためだったんだろうな
悲しい光が僕の影を   前に長く伸ばしている
Why did we have to part?   For what reason was it again?
The sorrowful light stretched my shadow longer than it was before

時々熱が出るよ   時間がある時眠るよ
夢だと解るその中で   君と会ってからまた行こう
Sometimes I can get sick   If i have time I shut my eyes
While knowings it's a dream   let's go again once we meet

晴天とはほど遠い   終わらない暗闇にも
星を思い浮かべたなら   すぐ銀河の中だ
あまり泣かなくなっても   靴を新しくしても
大丈夫だ あの痛みは   忘れたって消えやしない
Seems like fine weather won't be for a long time   but even under unending darkness
If you think of stars   you'll be in the galaxy in no time
You don't need to cry   even if you start anew
Don't worry   that pain won't disappear even if you forget

伝えたかった事が   きっとあったんだろうな
恐らくありきたりなんだろうけど   こんなにも
I'm sure I had something I wanted to convey
I'm sure it's something ordinary   so ordinary

お別れした事は   出会った事と繋がっている
あの透明な彗星は   透明だから無くならない
Our parting was connected to when we first met
That invisible comet   can't disappear because it's invisible

◯×△どれかなんて   皆と比べてどうかなんて
確かめる間も無い程   生きるのは最高だ
あまり泣かなくなっても   ごまかして笑っていくよ
大丈夫だ あの痛みは   忘れたって消えやしない
Choosing between ◯×△   comparing all three of them
I don't have time to make sure   that's how much being alive rocks
You don't have to cry that much   Just play along and smile
Don't worry   That pain won't go away even if you forget

大丈夫だ   この光の始まりには   君がいる
Don't worry   In the beginning of that light   You are there

Rough translation. I feel like I'm not conveying properly what the song is trying to say. :(
As I'm not a native Japanese speaker, if you find something off, feel free to tell me!
yume-oi neko

As always, feel free to point out any mistake you find or just tell me if you have different points of view in interpreting the lyrics. ;) And again as always, please credit ME properly if you happen to repost this crappy translation of mine somewhere someday (direct linking "dreamchasingcat" to this BUMPCHIKI page is okay).

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My personal note about the song: heart-wrenching! T^T What exactly happened to you, my preciousss Fuji-kun? >.< :hugs:

EDIT: 2012/12/17

Hey everyone :) This is my first post in this community~

I come bearing the gift of the firefly single, and the lyrics of the title track!!

Disclaimer: I'm not a fluent Japanese speaker. I took 3 semesters at university, but my last class ended in May 2010. So I'm going off what I didn't forget plus the fact I have obsessively studied J-Pop lyric translations here and there for a while.

This is by no means a translation you should rely on, perhaps to get the gist but not for the full meaning. Any fluent speakers want to help correct me? Thanks! :D

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